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I've been with the same company for almost a year. I love my job and my coworkers are nice but last fall I had a sudden lack of ambition. Surprisingly, it wasn't just me; it was much of the company. The company's boss must've have noticed it too because he added a business speaking workshop to the schedule.

At first I was skeptical. My generation considers these kind of tactics as shabby. Blame The Simpson's. This was before the training sessions. But after the seminar was over my opinion had undergone a transformation. During the workshop we listened to magnetic, thought-provoking, and entertaining presenters. The exercises were helpful. Also, it didn't last as long as a normal workday though I wouldn't have been unhappy if it did. But most importantly I went back to the office with a revived sense of direction, healthier leadership abilities, and a closer relationship with my coworkers. Don't be a pessimist. The CEO business group will do you some good.

.CEO business group