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Save Time and Cash By Installing Gutter Covers

Carl called once more. Carl calls me throughout the week, every week. Someone should take Carl's phone away. He says "Hail." He says that then he says nothing else. With Carl a pattern has developed.

We-Carl, I, others-live in a small, quaint row of homes. Everyone knows one another and Carl considers this communion, this fate nearness gives him permission to reign over communication like Carl is the least threatening Genghis Khan in history.

So what did Carl have to tell me this time? Eagerly he asks me to come by; he wanted to show me something. I walk over after I'd recounted a litany of excuses. He quickly unfurled them to the only subterfuge. He is great at doing that. If Carl is great at anything, it is exactly unfurling

Carl's home is as boisterous as Carl. For example: his yard usually has season-appropriate decorations. It's spring now and so what is on display? A huge, inflatable bunny. Gaudily it welcomes me. Carl pops out the front door before I am able to ring the doorbell. He has an ear-to-ear grin. He leads me by my shoulder towards the yard. He looks up. I do too. We're both looking up. Things aren't looking up.

I find out the whole reason of my requested presence was so he could show off gutter covers, which he says keeps debris from clogging it. For once, Carl's ramblings were actually useful.

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