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Specialized Overhangs Can Be Pricey. Find a Custom Tarp Soon

When an ostensibly easy task is much harder than assumed. My wife and I live in the drizzly city of Seattle, Washington, where showers are more typical than a smile. Which is why us Northwesteners could use all the help available when it comes to protecting our possessions from unceasing rain. As for me, I have a truck, a go-cart, and an ATV sitting next to my house completely exposed to the elements. To protect them I use specially designed fabric camo truck seat covers to keep the weather out, so my stuff can last longer.

Keep You ATVs Safe: Custom Covers

These tarps do a good job at keeping possessions in good shape, and they are more affordable than building an awning. For shame all those toys can't fit in my patio enclosure. They tidily fold up when they aren't needed.

I'm glad my possessions has a way to stand the deluges. I just hope they make something to help me.